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The internet offers a maze of research links. The problem with following link trails is that the quality and trustworthiness of information tends to degrade exponentially. Another problem is that many tribal art portals make no effort to moderate content, listing rogue dealers next to museum sites and reputable sources.  

The following sites have been selected as interesting and varied examples of what is available. Paleobree does not necessarily endorse onward links, site content or commercial aspects.

Art & Life in Africa
A freely accessible educational resource that is the product of the collaborative efforts of more than fifty scholars, technicians, collectors and institutions around the world.

Imo Dara
Interesting site on typology of distinguishing features of African sculptures.

Tribal Art Reference
Reference literature on traditional and contemporary African, Oceanic, native American and tribal Asian art.

Dogon Images & Traditions
Interesting site with excellent archive photographs.

African Art Museum - Case by Case Burkina Faso
An interesting section of the Society of African Missions museum.

This online magazine resource has a lot of tribal art material, including auction catalogues. The example link takes you to the 2014 Parcours brochure of Dandrieu African Art. A search of Issuu will bring up some excellent material.

Arts Africanae
Italian forum with some interesting content

African Art Archives
A work in progress but it has an excellent 'Who's who in African Art' directory.

Michael Yates
A collector's entertaining essay on collecting and art.

Bruno Claessens
Excellent resource on African art and overview of the current market

Herkenhoff Tribal Art
Fascinating and well-designed resource on the art of the Lobi

Indian & Himalayan Tribal Arts

Himalayan Art Resources

Educational archive with over 35,000 images

The Chiaramonte Collection of Asmat Art
A valuable resource on the art and culture of the Asmat 

Art and Oracle, African Art and Rituals of Divination
A scholarly resource from the Metropolitan Museum

Art and Life in Africa Project
Excellent resource by Prof. Christopher D. Roy of Univ. Iowa

Museum Anthropology Review
Journal of museum and material culture studies

The Bontoc Igorot
1905 ethnological study by Albert Ernest Jenks

Society for the Preservation & Promotion of Naga Heritage
Non-profit organisation supporting NE Indian ethnic groups

Tomkins Collection
Art from Africa, Near East, Oceania and the Americas

The Robert Goldwater Library Online resource

Mafulu: Mountain People of British New Guinea
1912 ethnographic study by Robert W. Williamson

Tribal Journeys
Jean-Pierre Dutilleux's website

BBC resource on popular 'adventure-ethnography' series

Alan Macfarlane
Personal website of leading Cambridge anthropologist
Links to digital archives, films and interviews

Bob Ibold
Masks of the World
A celebration of masks and masking cultures.  A model of internet dealing: clear policies, collecting tips and FAQ. Stock includes copies and reproductions.

Harry L. Neufeld & Tiala M. Neufeld Collection
Naga art and ethnography

Paul Nieuwenhuysen
Encyclopedic resource on African Art

The Ring of Fire
Images from the classic film about Indonesia by Lawrence and Lorne Blair. The host site is also an interesting read.

Africa: The Art of a Continent
Guggenheim Museum resource

G. I. Jones Photographic Archive
Southeastern Nigerian art and culture
Superb archive of photographs from 1930's

The History of the Shuar
William Jamieson's research into the Jivaroan tribes of Ecuador and Peru

Fake or Fabulous
Informative guide to Latin American fakes

Fowler Museum at UCLA
Art & material culture from Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas

Kofi Cole Art Life
African miniatures carved by African art historian Herbert M. Cole.

Life Force At The Anvil
Superb photographs of African metalworking

National Museum of African Art exhibition

Indiana University Arts Museum
Art from Africa, Oceania & the Americas

Art History Resources
Encyclopedic art resource of most cultures and periods

Ibeji Art
Specialist resource on Ibeji


Tribal Art Magazine
New site:
Old site  : 
African Arts

Arts of Asia Magazine
Hali Magazine  

Orientations Magazine    

Pacific Arts