Deity Mask Mustang

Support Paleobree's work in Africa

Paleobree is a free service but we personally work with three community projects in Uganda. Details of the projects and a donation button can be found on the 'Trio project - Uganda' page at the bottom of the menu list. If you love African art then support African people! Thank you.

Paleobree offers three services. Send all initial enquiries and any accompanying photographs to

1. Identification and Attribution

Paleobree can help with the identification and attribution of puzzling pieces in your collection.  

2. Second opinion prior to purchase

Paleobree is run by collectors for collectors. We understand the dangers of impulse buying and the risk of being seduced by photographs and dressed-up descriptions. We might not know everything but we will offer an opinion that is objective and reasoned.    

The final decision to purchase a piece is yours and yours alone but Paleobree can provide additional information, perspectives and judgements that you might not have taken into consideration.    

Any opinion provided by Paleobree regarding authenticity, attribution, rarity, condition, value, etc,   is just that - an opinion - but collectors can benefit from a sympathetic and independent source of additional information. Collectors can make bad decisions in isolation.

It is impossible to appraise pieces from photographs alone but that is what the internet demands. A full and proper appraisal requires examination of the actual piece  but much can still be understood from photographs, the given  description, the wider context of the site and the reputation of the dealer, if known.          

How to proceed for a second opinion:   email your query, including the web address of the selling site, the item's  description and its page location. A member of Paleobree will contact you at the first opportunity. If we can help we will; if we can't we will explain why.   Please do not forward photographs from websites as Paleobree respects copyright.

3. Resolution and redress after purchase

Paleobree will consider acting on behalf of collectors who are in dispute with internet dealers or who are dissatisfied with a purchase but are uncertain as to how to proceed with a complaint. All requests for help and information will be considered.   The earlier you involve us the better.

To date, examples of dealer malpractice we have addressed include the selling of outright fakes as authentic pieces, invented provenance, claims of high quality for inferior authentic pieces, claims of rarity and  attributions of age, aggressive responses when purchasers have been dissatisfied, bullying of complainants, threats of legal action and - always   the sign of a bad dealer - invention of policies and clauses after the fact.  

How to proceed for resolution and redress: email a brief outline of your problem. We will contact you at the first opportunity.    Every case is different; there will often be need for some clarifying discussion before a decision to assist can be made. Unfortunately, it is sometimes the case that the collector - not the dealer  - is the one at fault. If we can help we will; if we can't we will explain why. Once again, please do not forward photographs from websites as Paleobree respects copyright.