Paleobree is a free service but we now support three community grassroots projects in Uganda. If you wish to show your appreciation of Paleobree's assistance then please use the donation button at the end of this page.

The Trio Project developed from a two-month stay in Uganda in 2016 when I worked on release from Home-Start BGR, the child and family charity I manage in Cardiff, Wales.

Each of the three projects has a personal connection. I can vouch for their authenticity and the hard work of the community members who keep the projects going.

If you love African art then support African people! A little will go a long way.

Busiliwa Faith Primary school is in an isolated, mountain hamlet in Bududa District, Eastern Region. The village was hit by a landslide in 2010; many of the children are orphans, supported by surviving relatives or villagers.

The second project is a maternity unit and community clinic in a slum called Nauyo, outside Mbale town. I worked in the slum on my project and saw the work they are doing on very limited resources. Without them, a lot more women and babies would die in Nauyo.

The third project is a community house started by residents of Nauyo slum to protect abandoned and orphaned children. I am currently working with the community to set up a local fostering programme to reduce residential numbers. 'Orphanages' are big business in Africa but this emergency project is a genuine community response to increase the safety of children and young people.

All donations are divided equally betwen the three projects. You can donate here or via the web page of Trio Project Uganda. 

Thank you.

Jon Sait