Paleobree is a free and confidential information service for collectors of tribal art who purchase on the internet.  Paleobree is run by collectors for collectors and does not operate as a commercial site.    

Nyindu/Kumu? DRC

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Purchasing authentic tribal art on the internet can be a successful  and  cost-effective way to build a collection. Scores of trustworthy and committed dealers  trade on the internet, offering quality  pieces at competitive prices.  It is generally the case that internet dealers operate ethically. Many on-line dealers run fixed premises, exhibit at vetted fairs and are members of a professional association.

But the internet demands more from dealers than a stylish website. Good  internet  dealers  update their  sites regularly, provide accurate item descriptions, ensure that provenance is meaningful and justified, offer appropriate guarantees and state their returns procedure. Problems can still arise but there is no intent to deceive and redress is usually possible. 

Successful  internet dealers understand  that  collectors  who  buy on  the internet have different  expectations  and    requirements   compared   to  'traditional' collectors. Developing trust between collectors and dealers on the internet demands clarity, good communication and transparency on both sides. 

Paleobree supports and encourages dealers who demonstrate their commitment to good internet practice.   

However, the level of knowledge, expertise and after-sales service  of many internet dealers is very low. The risk of purchasing   fakes and   poor quality items at inflated prices from such operators is high. Many such dealers do not worry unduly about their reputation, relying on the anonymity of the internet and the lack of regulation. There is no feedback system for independent dealers on the internet.  

Paleobree can help collectors protect themselves from rogue traders. 

Paleobree has been operating since 2007, and has gained support within the collecting and dealing community. Paleobree has access to experienced and knowledgable advisors in the fields of African, Oceanic, Indonesian, Aboriginal, Pre Columbian and Himalayan art.

Paleobree does not advertise the names of those who assist with appraisals, research, opinions and redress. There are good reasons for maintaining the anonymity of those who support us. However, the individual seeking assistance will know who is supporting them. 

Paleobree does not operate as a discussion or forum group. There is no contact route between individuals who use the site. It is a confidential service and contact details are not passed on to third parties. 

Please note: Paleobree does not offer advice, opinion or assistance regarding items sold  or bought on eBay or similar auction sites. The volume of enquiries generated by such sites is too great for our limited resources.

It is a fact that the tribal art advertised on auction sites includes an extremely high percentage of fakes, copies, airport art and poor-quality authentic pieces. There are some good pieces available and some trustworthy dealers but it is absolutely a case of e-buyer beware.